Visual Identity

Hausmann is a Norwegian award winning advertising agency. They recently changed their name from Llowbank to Hausmann and needed a new identity.

Kverneland Investering

Visual Identity

Brødrene Kverneland was established in 1921 and has since the beginning been known for handling car sales. The company are now changing their name to Kverneland Investering (Kverneland Invest) to redirect the focus and to show all the different areas they invest.

Kjeller Gaard

Visual identity

Kjeller Gaard is a historical building at Kjeller, right outside of Oslo. The building holds a great history being the main housing for the first airport in Norway, the Kjeller Airport. The house is now transforming into an event facility that you can rent for special occasions.

Strength by Julia Valen


Strength is the fashion collection by Julia Valen. I helped out with a look book for her final exams. Large format showing of the beautiful photos and tide together by a rubber band at the spine.

På Film

Visual identity

På Film (On Film) is a Norwegian production company that do film, music, photography and post-production. They wanted a new name that was easy to remember and an identity with attitude to stand out in the among all other production companies.


Visual identity

BeSafe create safe products beyond just regulations and lab tests. They offer Scandinavian premium design and smart functionality. The rebranding and strategy is clear, simple and operational. The trusted safe mobility expert - in the car and outside. The purpose is to give parents and children the trusted safe mobility solutions, so that they feel free and confident to explore life’s adventures and create memories as a family.


Visual identity

Norilia is part of Nortura, Norway's largest branded warehouse in meat and egg products. Annually Norilia receives 150,000 tonnes of biomass from Norwegian animals that they turn into sustainable products. We updated their identity to showcase the fascinating and important work that Norilia does.


Visual identity

Enlight helps companies navigate public support schemes and succeed with their development and innovation projects. They help with applying for support that requires both special expertise and capacity.



Hest Agentur is a photography agency based in Oslo. For their launch party, I helped photographer Thomas Ekström making a fanzine of his photo series "Homestretch".

Bikevibe Paris

Editorial design

When you think of France, you think classic, old and traditional. Cycling down narrow cobblestone streets with a baguette in the basket and wind in your hair. But France is also the centre of all the great races which made Paris an easy choice for our seventh city.

Nasjonal Sikkerhetsmyndighet

Visual identity

The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) is a cross-sectoral professional and supervisory authority within the protective security services in Norway. They administer the Act of 20 March 1998 relating to Protective Security Services.


Name, concept og visual identity

Kubert helps you keep it tidy at home. From a mobile application you order boxes and scan them for pickup or return at the time that suits you best. All you need to do is pack your things and Kubert will fix the rest. The name is a supposed to be a combination of something easy and snappy, but also sound like your best friend that always helps out.

Bikevibe London

Editorial design

London is big, rough and chaotic. At the same time it is also sweet, proper and filled with great traditions. In terms of cycling culture London definitely has a lot to offer– and maybe the city isn’t as unfit for cycling as you may have heard. One thing's for sure – cycling in London is going up from here.


Visual identity

Motorpool is the leading and most experienced dealer of Land Rover and Jaguar in Norway. Motorpool are passionate about cars, a passion they want to reflect in their service to all customers - new and returning. Therefor we did an adjustment to the logo to make it more modern and a visual identity to bring out the great British tradition of racing green offroad and fast red cars.

Bikevibe Oslo

Editorial design

The bike interest in Oslo is growing as we speak and it is happening despite the lack of facilitation. It's was only natural for us to follow up the Tokyo issue with Oslo. Welcome home.

Mocean One

Web/application design

Mocean One is a global subscription marketplace for ocean and sub ocean data. Underwater data is collected from a selected network of commercial, public and academic sources. Mocean One cleans, standardises, enriches and packages the data, ready for immediate use.

Bikevibe New York

Editorial design

It’s fair to say that New York has something for everyone and that includes the cycling scene as well. We came home with a richer view of the city cycling culture and I hope this issue will showcase that and make you proud.

Bikevibe Milan

Editorial design

We decided to do the Milan issue with the intention of showing the root of cycling history. Although it was a bit different than I first expected, you cannot argue that Milan houses some of the most influential people in cycling.

Bikevibe Portland

Editorial design

Portland is known for its beautiful surroundings, eco-friendliness and coffeehouses. But most of all – Portland is known for its strong bicycle culture and is slowly growing into becoming the bicycle capital of the USA.

Bikevibe Tokyo

Editorial design

Tokyo is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world. Nevertheless, most residential neighbourhoods have their own unique small town feel, like Shimokitazawa, where we spent two weeks in August 2014.


Visual identity

AHAAN Thai Street Food by Plah is a restaurant in Oslo that serves food inspired by the hawkers booths found throughout Southeast Asia. Street food is all about sharing food with good friends and the word AHAAN means food. Each letter in the logo is compiled by two letters, giving the logo type a concept of sharing.


Interiour graphics

Kygo Life is a classic and exclusive fashion line which combines the best from Scandinavian design with quality materials like organic cotton, linen and wool. Fit for a young, clean-cut style with items that are both cool and edgy. I worked on the graphics and prints for the pop-up store in Oslo Spring 2017.

Gitte & Filip

Editorial design

The couple Gitte Witt and Filip Loebbert has worked on their shared passion for food, through the lifestyle and food blog, since January 2016. In 2017 they decided to turn it into print. The cookbook is filled with delicious recipes and small stories from their everyday lives.