Visual identity


Pure Natur Refined

Norilia is part of Nortura, Norway's largest branded warehouse in meat and egg products. Annually Norilia receives 150,000 tonnes of biomass from Norwegian animals that they turn into sustainable products. We updated their identity to showcase the fascinating and important work that Norilia does.

The concept is based on the uniqueness of Norilia and Norwegian agriculture. The biomass products come from healthy animals, raised in a cold climate by people that care, in the world's cleanest country. Pure Nature Refined.

The logo symbol show circular economy and sustainability within the N for Norilia. The logo typography is renewed and tightened up, but we kept some of the characteristic round shapes from the old logo.

The visual identity expresses technology, innovation and energy through a vibrant color palette and technical drawings.

Work done for Hyper.
My role:
 Visual Identity.